We do our traditional bread as far as 200 years ago, inertia and tradition, how could it be different ?? We learn from the best and search for the best raw materials. Shal we make “baguette” and “tradition”? So let’s go to France (Bonjour Hervé!) and learn and buy the best French flour.

We want to do “pita” or Arabic bread? Then let’s Skype with our friend Saïd (Ça va mon ami?) and we buy the flour the he recommends us.

It’s nice, but not enough! We must seek and find the excellence! So we paste our integral eco spelled dough with sea water, bretzel eco with the nuts seasoned with turmeric or ou rye bread is done with rye 100% of the Cona de Tremp. All for you, breadlovers!

May you like our or not, normal. Only two things can give safe: work, perseverance and enthusiasm to not use flour additives or GMOs.

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