Neither are we masters nor have we the audacity to call our ancient and beauty profession art. No stars, no forks, no reviews, no flags … just work, work and work … Since 1857, from father to son, doing the same: excite us with our daily bread.

Bread, pastries, croissants, cakes, croustade, chocolates, cakes … all them motivates us, everything starts from the beginning, and ends at the table of somebody… Will they like it?… Will they enjoy? … What an excitement! Just one important data, we don’t use any additives or chemicals or have a deal with Beelzebub, therefore our products are never equal.

According to a recent study (November 2015 / Le Figaro) only 1% of homemade french patiseries are artisan: they sell what they do themselves. The other 99% buy, process, sell frozen, precooked or prepared using industrial preparations. What percentage do we have in Catalonia? And in Spain? Congratulations if you are our guests. “La Lionesa” is one of the few artisan bakeries you will find.

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